Changzhou Dingtian Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Dangnan Industry Park in Tianning District of Changzhou, a central city in Yangtze Delta and a waterfront village in regions south of Yangtze River. It is a garden-like company with picturesque environment.

It is a production company integrating research, design, manufacturing and sales. It has unique innovation in terms of drawing process and manufacturing technique, particularly when it targets at tiny wire and ultramicro wire drawing machine. It is taking the lead in Southeast Asian region.

In the late years, the Company has successively researched and developed double frequency conversion tension-free pole small pull, fine pull, micro pull and ultra-micro pull series products. It has been providing satisfying ‘Chinese’ brand products to customers who are engaged in production of φ0.01~0.35mm copper wire, alloy wire, aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum alloy wire, silver and copper wire, tin copper wire, silver jacketed wire, precious metal wire, key alloy wire and so on. Its products are widely used in such fields as electromagnetic wire, minute electronic wire, minute coaxial cable, photovoltaic wire, medication, aerospace, aviation, communication and so on. 

With latest techniques, most optimized products and best services, Dingtian Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomes customers.

The enterprise culture

Honesty and trustworthiness
It adheres to seeking truth from facts, suiting action to the word, equaling inside to the outside and abiding by its commitment; employees should be loyal to the company and work information needing to be reported to the company should be truthfully reflected.

Dedication and devotion
Rooting on the duty and endeavoring to delve into business; carefully performing post responsibility, establishing intense entrepreneur spirits and sense of duty, and accomplishing tasks with high quality and high efficiency.

Unity and collaboration 
Vigorously carrying forward the spirit of teamwork, harmony among colleagues, equality and respect, close collaboration between departments without buckpassing or disputes over trifles, attempt to forge a warm and harmonious work atmosphere with a smooth mood

Diligence and study
Employees should skillfully master their own business and work skills, conscientiously learn new knowledge, master new technology and become an expert in their field; they should establish the concept on life-long learning, actively recommend teamwork study and encourage knowledge sharing.

Pursuit of excellence
They should have strong marketing awareness, competition awareness, innovation awareness and crisis awareness; they should make progress and grow together with the great course with realization of life value as the foundation.