What are the common steel wire drawing processes in metal surface wire drawing machine industry?

2018-01-08 18:31:19 source: souhu news

First, steel flat sand belt:

Flat pressure wire drawing is a very common kind of drawing method. The workpiece is fixed on the mold.

The drawing machine equipment drives the grinding belt to run at high speed. The back of the sand belt has a pneumatic control which can move up and down the pressure block. After pressing the belt, the abrasive belt is brushed on the processed surface.

The equipment commonly used is flat - pressure sand belt. The flat pressure wire drawing is suitable for the surface drawing of small area. It is widely used in the drawing of the digital camera shell, the wire of the cell phone and so on.

Second, the steel roller brushed wire.

The workpiece is transmitted by the transmission belt through the non-woven roller brush, and the roller is rotated at high speed to wire the workpiece surface. When drawing, it can use roller brush vibration and roller brushless vibration two ways, at the same time cooperate with the processing speed to produce different lengths of lines. Non-woven roller brush vibration can produce very uniform and uniform discontinuous thread (short silk); Non - woven roller brush does not vibrate, can produce continuous filament (filament or straight wire);

Third, the wide sand belt of steel.

General use of sheet wire drawing machine equipment. This kind of drawing method is the most traditional drawing method, used for flat wire drawing, especially suitable for plate processing. Sand with high-speed rotation, plate by the conveyer belt through abrasive belt, polishing wiredrawing, usually made drawing semi-finished products such as stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, in order to further made into sheet as raw material to product, such as the elevator wire drawing of stainless steel door, stainless steel bar, aluminum alloy casing, etc.

Fourth, the unintentional grinding of steel.

This is the way to pull the wire in a careless way. The grinding products used are non - woven wire wheel or belt. It is suitable for circular pipe workpiece, such as handle grip. The lines of this method are usually short silks, the length of the silks and the rotation speed of the workpiece, the rotation speed of the grinding product is related to the grinding product itself.



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