Guangdong rongsheng super micro wire co. LTD.

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 Dongrongsheng super micro wire co., LTD., formerly known as zhuhai rongsheng electric co., LTD., was founded in 1985 and successfully landed on the shenzhen stock exchange on July 20, 2007. Companies specializing in the development, production and form a complete set of electronic information and household appliances and the national defense science and technology of micro and special enameled wire, now has 113.68 million yuan of registered capital, sales of nearly 500 million of China's largest professional fine enameled wire production base.

The company has always paid attention to the technical innovation of products, and was recognized as "high-tech enterprise of guangdong province" by the guangdong provincial science and technology department in 1996; The "163 project" of the company located in sanzao science park was listed as the provincial technical reform guide plan in 2003, and was awarded as "excellent technical renovation project of zhuhai city" in the same year; In 2005, it was awarded as the top ten private enterprises in zhuhai. In 2006, it was selected as "deloitte China high-tech, high growth 50"; In 2007, the technical center of the company was also identified by the provincial economic and trade commission as "provincial enterprise technology center of guangdong province". In 2009, the company was awarded as the top ten private enterprises in zhuhai. In addition, the company's leading products and special enameled wire have also won the "third prize of guangdong science and technology progress", "155 class polyurethane enameled copper round wire" won the second prize of excellent new products in guangdong province. The company has achieved good performance in high technology, which has created good technical conditions for the long-term development of the company.

Companies in improving production efficiency at the same time, strictly the quality pass, has passed QS9000 and ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, American UL safety certification, TS16949 quality management system certification and SONY GP certification, rong sheng has become a green environmental protection enterprise, in benefit of society at the same time, also for the Chinese national industry set up the glorious flag.


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