Jiangxi yingtan zhongzhen copper industry

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 By copper in the jiangxi yingtan is founded by by hardware technology co., LTD. Investment in dongguan city, with a total investment of 1 billion, the factory covers an area of 50 mu, the annual production up to 8000 tons of tin plated copper wire and superfine copper alloy wire, annual sales income is 635 million yuan.

In 2014, Mr. Hongliang, the founder of zhongzhen, invested in the copper industry, mainly engaged in ultra-fine copper wire production. In the three years of rapid development, zhongzhen has successively established two factories, three factories and an eagle pool. The company has a modern industrial workshop and advanced production technology, testing, testing equipment and a group of excellent professional engineers, and dynamic tracking the world's advanced technology development, product has a high temperature resistant, weldable the advantages of stable performance and long storage time. In order to better serve the customers, the company has imported ISO9001 quality management system. All the products are tested by SGS laboratory, which is in full compliance with the eu "ROHS" directive.


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